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Even in the Czech Republic you can establish a company without knowledge of the Czech language and dealing with bureaucrats. Berka Bros will do that for you.

ADo you intend to establish a company in the Czech Republic? Brace yourself for several obstacles. The company cannot be established on-line. You have to personally present yourself at several authorities with the proper documents. You can often encounter officials who do not speak foreign languages there, and on top of that there are rather complicated legal regulations concerning enterprise. You can overcome all of those obstacles with Berka Bros. We will quickly establish a new company for you.

You choose the form of your business and we will take care of the rest:

  • Preparation of all necessary documents, powers of attorney, statements etc.
  • Preparation of founding documents at the notary according to your requirements
  • Obtaining of business licenses you need for your business
  • Opening of bank account to deposit the company capital in any bank you choose
  • Listing of the new company in the Commercial register
  • If needed we will provide you the company registered address
  • Registration duties at the Tax authority, Social Security Office, health insurance offices etc.
  • Further services – advisory Services, official translations, legal consultancy etc.
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As an accounting company we are familiar with all the legal regulations. We work with the Czech laws and authorities every day.

For establishing a new company you will have to prepare and submit many documents, forms and applications. Even a small mistake in any of them may prolong the process. Average time for establishing a company ranges from 1 to 5 weeks. We are working with the Czech law every day. We have been engaged in provision of accounting, payroll and tax Services since 1993. Therefore we are able to take care of all you need quickly and precisely.

At the same time we can help you with the services you will need after your company is established:

  • Necessary registration at the tax office for all relevant taxes, incl. VAT
  • Registration at the Social Security Office, health insurance offices, Labor office etc.
  • We can take care of your accounting and tax duties
  • We can do the payroll for your company

Contact us. We will establish a new company in the Czech Republic for you.

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