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You can start doing your business in Prague without knowledge of the Czech language and irritating dealings at the local authorities. We will arrange everything for you.

To start doing business in Prague is a great opportunity. But at the beginning you have to overcome several obstacles. In Prague, as well as in the whole Czech Republic, you cannot set up a business on-line. Therefore you have to undertake many visits at various authorities and institutions where you can very rarely communicate in a foreign language. Also, Czech laws have a tendency to be rather unclearly worded. You will save a lot of time, money and nerves if you let us establish the new business for you. Your new company will be created quickly and according to the Czech law.

You will make up the business model and we in Berka Bros will take care of the rest:

  • Preparation of all necessary documents, powers of attorney, statements etc.
  • Preparation of founding documents at the notary according to your requirements
  • Obtaining of business licenses you need for your business
  • Opening of bank account to deposit the company capital in any bank you choose
  • Listing of the new company in the Commercial register
  • If needed we will provide you the company registered address
  • Registration duties at the Tax authority, Social Security Office, health insurance offices etc.
  • Further services – advisory Services, official translations, legal consultancy etc.
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We are familiar with the Czech law. We work with the Czech law and the Prague authorities every day. We know how to deal with them.

We have been engaged in accounting, taxes and payroll Services for more than 25 years, thanks to which we are in daily touch with the state administration. That is why we are able to obtain everything you need quickly and in line with Czech law.

At the same time we can help you with the follow-up services necessary for doing business in Prague:

  • Necessary registration at the tax office for all relevant taxes, incl. VAT
  • Registration at the Social Security Office, health insurance offices, Labor office etc.
  • We can take care of your accounting and tax duties
  • We can do the payroll for your company

Contact us. We will help you to do your business in Prague.

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