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Two brothers.
One reliable
accounting company.

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Why choose us
Since 1993
Our company has been gaining experience since 1993. Hand in hand with continually changing legislation.

We built a stable and reliable accounting company over the past 25 years.

We have been engaged in accounting and payroll for almost all of our professional lives. We are offering services for various types of clients. Some clients let us do just a part of their accounting duties and are doing the rest by themselves. Others let us do the whole accounting and payroll agenda. For those, who are just about to start their business, we can help with establishment of the company and manage to do everything necessary for getting the company up and running.

Why you can rely on us

All taxes and other duties are taken care of correctly and on time
We work precisely and according to the currently valid legislation
Berka - Proč se na nás můžete spolehnout
We have never needed to use the liability insurance we have
We cooperate with lawyers, tax advisors and auditors

Company establishment

In cooperation with our lawyer, we will establish a company or a branch office for you. Everything will be set up in line with your intentions and Czech law. We will take care of all necessary registration with the state officials like the tax authority, Social Security Office, health insurance offices etc. We will also inform you about the duties you have as an employer of Czech and foreign employees. We will also help you with other necessary things.
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Accounting and taxes

We will take care of your accounting, taxes and unpleasant communication with the state officials. Or we can do only part of your accounting. The scope of our services depends on our agreement.
We work for companies from Prague as well as from other parts of the Czech Republic. We prepare management reports and financial analyses for the company management.
You can have on-line access to your accounting data. You can use this access only for keeping track of the data, or for active work – you can post cash purchases, issue invoices or make the stock transactions.
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Payroll and personnel services

We can provide payroll and personnel services no matter if you are from Prague or any other part of the Czech Republic. We can take over the whole payroll agenda or just a part of it. It is up to you. Through our payroll system, you can have an on-line access to payroll and personal data of your employees.
We guarantee compliance with GDPR. 
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LBBW Bank CZ a.s.

As an HR director I have to rely not only on my subordinates but also on Personnel Service, which provides us with comprehensive payroll services, including communication with health insurance offices, local Social Security Office, tax authority, Labour Office and other state officials. I can frankly recommend Personnel Service not only for their high quality services, but also for the price, willingness and pleasant behavior of their employees.
Ing. Jarmila Chlumová, director of HR department

MERCER, Eastern Europe

Based on almost 20 years lasting cooperation with Personnel Service I appreciate mainly their professional approach, expert knowledge, reliability and friendly behavior.
Martin Macha, Partner

Digital Intelligence Systems Corp. (DISYS)

We, as a US based, global IT consulting company are using the tax services of Personnel Service s.r.o. for our Czech Branch Office as from the first moment I joined our company as a European Financial Manager. We are completely satisfied with the services delivered by Personnel Service s.r.o., especially with Tomas Berka. Furthermore we gain a lot of time thanked to their proactive attitude. Altogether I highly recommend using the services of Personnel Service s.r.o.
Adrienn Horváth, European Finance Manager

Guy Carpenter & Company GmbH

We chose Personnel Service back in 2008 based on the recommendation of our sister company, Mercer. They provide us accounting, payroll and all related taxes, including all communication with the state authorities. They have properly completed all of the work we have given them, so I can warmly recommend them.
Petr Podškubka, Senior Vice President

KBA-Grafitec s.r.o.

We are very satisfied with services provided by Personnel Service, s.r.o. They have been providing us payroll services for company management. We appreciate especially their individual approach, quick problem solving, quick reply to our requests and their advice. We can highly recommend this company.
Ing. Zdeněk Forejtek, CFO

EMINET Praha, spol. s r.o.

We have been cooperating with Personnel Service, s.r.o. for more than 20 years to our full satisfaction.
M. Horká a R. Severa, owners

MARPOSS s.r.o.

We have been a satisfied client of Jaroslav Berka's team. They give us methodical support for our accountancy, tax advisory and of course payroll. They are always up-to-date when there are some legislation changes and also when we need to resolve some new kind of business transaction.
František Brušák, executive officer

Litera, produkce, s.r.o.

We have been using Personnel Service for accounting services for a company which manages the organization of the annual Magnesia Litera book awards. We are fully satisfied with their accountable but also helpful approach and we intend to proceed with long term cooperation.
Pavel Mandys, company executive


We have been cooperating with Personnel Service, s.r.o. since 2013. With this company. I have always appreciated their customer approach, professionalism, keeping of promised and the level of provided materials. I cannot forget to emphasize the level of communication of all employees involved in fulfilment of our contract.
Roman Tvrzník, Chairman of the Board

Atelier T-plan, s.r.o.

Personnel Service, s.r.o. has been providing payroll and personnel services for Atelier T-plan for more than 15 years. Their services have always been of high quality and highly professional level. I believe in further successful cooperation.
RNDr. Libor Krajíček, executive officer
About us

Tomáš Berka

Co-owner and executive officer

“Right after I finished studies at the Business Academy in 1994, I started to work as an accountant. Later I took the position of company economist, financial controller and financial manager in various companies. In 2003 I finished my MBA studies at Nottingham Trent University. Since 2009 I have settled in our family company, where I am responsible for several clients, establishment of companies and marketing and business activities of our company.”

Jaroslav Berka

Co-owner and executive officer

“I started in 1996 as freelancing accountant when I worked for several companies. Since 2000 I have been fully involved in operations of the family company. Now, in Berka Bros, I take care mainly of the precise provision of accounting, implementation of accounting software and preparation of tax returns for our clients. I am also responsible for the operation and financial management of our company.”

How Personnel Service turned into Berka Bros.

Our company was established in 1993 with trade name Personnel Service, s.r.o.

In 2019 we decided on significant change.

We keep on providing accounting and payroll services, but under a new name.

Berka Bros. expresses our family name, relationship and also the relaxed atmosphere we like to work in.
Tomáš Berka
Jaroslav Berka
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